Spring, with a touch of crazy….

I know this won’t be a common topic over time in my Blog, but thanks to Mercury, I’ll post it anyway!

How fun will the next 3 weeks be for you? It depends on how you feel about retrograde. Mercury is seemingly spinning away and under the sign of Aries, all the more mischievious! I’m not sure how much you put in the planets and astrology, but it is fun to be a spectator during Mercury’s play dates! I’m looking forward to things breaking down (especially electronics for some reason), not going as planned and dinner buring in the oven, even though you set the timer the same as always. I’m looking forward to the communications that will occur with the loose tongue of Aries, those that are usually tight lipped will be unable to hold thier tongue and it can get sticky. I could recommend to pay attention and watch your lip, but what fun is there in that?Let it fly and remember it’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission! HAHAHA

Seriously though, even if you don’t really get into these things, there is no reason not to learn awareness, see if some of the expected behaviors are occuring around you. Take a look inside and see if you have thoughts you would normally not have that might be a bit mischeivious and check in to feel if you have the urge to let them spew from your mouth. It’s a great excuse to practice awareness and have a little crazy fun along the way! Then, give a special thanks to Mercury and get a little aquainted with people watching.

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Nikki created Cognizant Reconstruction and CReffects to effect personal and global changes in ways that most don't think about. Join us, we are the rebels that want to change the world.

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