So much to learn

When we start on a physical training and diet plan, what thoughts go through your mind? Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • I need to loose weight fast
  • I want to look better
  • I want to feel better
  • my doctor told me too
  • I just don’t want to be fat anymore
  • I want to do activities I used to do

When it comes to a diet, do you always turn to the latest and greatest diet that has helped others? Do you turn back to diets from the past that worked for people? Do you think you know enough about nutrition that you can trust the old adage of “burn more that you eat” ? Do you think you know enough to eat a balanced diet and give your body what you need?

With so many options and advertisements, and data that proves this or that, it’s hard to think that ONE of these won’t work for you. It’s hard to put a little more thought into your needs when you are bombarded with professionals telling you what you need and what will work, this without ever meeting you. Without ever finding your health history, without knowing your current diet and exercise regimen. Let me 1st take a moment and mention something you might find mind blowing. If you aren’t currently taking part or partial part of some fad diet. YOU are still on a diet. As a matter of fact the term “on a diet” is a very misleading term. You are on a diet, your diet. A diet isn’t some gimmick that is different from what your eating now. Diet is a term that refers to the calories and nutrition that is given the body through the mouth and digested. Your diet is what you feed your body for fuel. So even though you aren’t on some other diet, you are living on your diet. If you are always looking for another diet, you will probably fail in reaching what ever goal you are trying to reach by changing to a single form diet. When you follow a specific diet, designed by someone else, it may work temporarily for SOME people. If this diet fails you, the fact that it isn’t the right diet for you may play a large factor.

Do you think that a diet plays a big part in achieving any of the goals above? Do you think that exercise plays a big factor in achieving the goals above? Well, you are partially right. You are right about exercise and diet. You may be way off base in your approach.

For 17 years I have worked with folks that have very generalized goals like the ones above. Making generalizations is a key to failure, at least in your own eyes, because you didn’t reach your [probably very specific goal i.e., 135lbs, or working out every day] to achieve a very general, vague goal. We as humans have become very successful at failing. We are always looking forward for an answer that feels easy. We avoid conflict, especially within ourselves, by always making plans, trying someone else’s plan, and before you can even take the time to work on these, you are accepting your future failure and trying to find the new thing that for sure will work for you, right?

So bear with me for a moment [ you may be finding out that my moments are fairly involved and longer than you would imagine]. What if your body was designed for survival? What if your body has been through different physical, mental and emotional trauma that differs from someone else? What if the diet you were raised on, wasn’t the diet that provided optimal health? What if you struggle with genetic issues that have effected your health? What if you suffer from extreme stress and possibly depression? These are the tools YOUR body has had to work with throughout your life. The human body is a chemical machine, driven by hormones, designed to compensate for just about anything, just to achieve survival. Survival, mind you, isn’t optimal health, it’s just what will get you through the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year. The body depends on equilibrium, breathing, a beating heart to survive. It will alter what ever it has to at the moment to survive that moment. It is soooooo amazing! The down side is that compensation, over time creates it’s own issues, as as the body continues to compensate, we realize that our health is declining, our muscles hurt every day, our headaches are getting worse, our ability to compensate begins to slow and the stress on the body, mind and emotions can become so intense!

What I would like to suggest is to give yourself a break from looking for a solution. I would ask that you show a little gratitude to this amazing body of yours that has survived. Be grateful for your life experiences. Because when you do, when you embrace what you have been through and what you have survived, it brings your mind to the right place. Understanding and loving what your body has done for you, is the 1st step. The next step is to embrace the opportunity to work backwards. Only then, when we unwind and un train the body, can we allow it to find a path of comfort and progression.

“The wise learn from Adversity; the foolish merely repeat it. ”


Let us be wise today!

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