Where to Start…. again

Do you ever question your motives when it comes to your exercise or what diet you are practicing? What is your motivation? Why do you do what you are doing for your workouts? Why do you eat what you eat?  Do you search out information on the internet? Do you read books about it? Do you ask your health professionals about what they recommend? And most importantly, do you question what information you find before you start some new thing because what you are doing isn’t working the way you want it to? Do you switch your exercise or nutritional behaviors often? Have you identified what issues or injuries you are battling? Do you understand your body and the way it works well enough to make these decisions?

Often, it is recommended to talk to a health professional before making any drastic changes in diet or exercise. There is a reason. It is true that many health professionals may not be concerned with the basics of diet and exercise, they will jump right into prescribing medications that may help with your symptoms. And if you are trying to stay away from medications and prescribed “solutions”, kudos. This doesn’t mean that you should continue to self diagnose. This just means you need to search for health professionals that believe you should start at the bottom, which in this case, is diet and exercise. Let’s say your doctor suggests diet and exercise before advancing to pharmaceuticals. Do they lay out a proper diet tuned to your specific needs (which should be determined with a thorough blood panel and consideration for any conditions you may have)? If this is not their speciality, do they make recommendations to who you should turn to for assistance? If they don’t, you should find a new professional. This is a crucial moment in life when you finally take charge of your own future of optimal health.

This does not mean that you should make your own decisions about what you need unless you are trained or school in such areas. This just means that you have to take charge of who you go to for help. Decide what traits and knowledge will get you to your goal, and find a professional that fulfills these requirements. Take a few minutes or hours, depending how determined you are in having a happy abundant virtually pain free existence and start searching.

This is where being cognizant is extremely useful.  First, search within yourself and decide what you are truly looking for. Maybe answer some simple questions to discover what that might be? What are your conditions? What has genetics handed you? What hasn’t worked for you? What are all of the options? Which solutions seem appealing? Stay away from diagnosing yourself, but search for what is really challenging to you. What is most important to your sanity when it comes to health?  Write these things down and start calling…. seriously ask the important questions. Explain your goals and listen to the voices on the other end of the line, do they laugh?  Do they ask questions related to your needs? Do they seem interested in assisting you? Do they seem knowledgable in the areas that are important to you?

It might be time to evaluate your goals you have set for yourself. Maybe restructure your goals. Try to set goals like this: “I want to learn where I am health wise” instead of “I want to loose weight.” Maybe ” I want to find exercise that makes me happy” instead of ” I want to workout everyday for the next 4 weeks and lose 10 pounds” . Be realistic in making your goals. Try shorter term, reachable goals, if you feel that you are 30 pounds overweight, is it realistic to make a goal to work out everyday and loose the weight without help? If you are actually 30 pounds overweight, you will struggle finding something that you can do that is challenging and can make a difference that you can also stay committed to. Maybe change this goal to “within the next 2 weeks, I will research and try at least 5 different types of exercise.” And then, focus the next 2 weeks in attending different types of gyms, yoga studios, classes, pilates. Haven’t tried these things before? All the more important that you do. You may be missing out on something that makes your heart happy after you workout, and wow, this is where you start. This is when you make your next goal, ” for the next 2 weeks, I’m doing yoga (or which ever make you happy) 4 times a week. Don’t ever underestimate the power of happiness and contentment when it comes to losing weight. Almost always, the weight we have physically is  directly related to other weights we bare.

Remember that there is NEVER another person out there that has been through what you have been through in the same manner that you have been through it. Everyone has different solutions for the challenges we all face.  Try to not jump into whatever diet, exercise program that someone similar to you is trying. Focus on yourself and your needs. They are on a different path, work together if needed, but not the same. The solution for you should be tailored specifically for you and your physical , emotional and mental condition.

Start small. along this path, you have a greater chance of succeeding and acquiring the necessary tools to proceed and succeed.  I can almost guarantee success. I’ll come back to this in the blog, especially if you choose to comment and tell me what you are looking for. “Help me help you…. ”

I will now attach a warning about my posts….. My sarcasm and humor seeps into all parts of my life. As a fun game you can also respond in comments if you recognize a reference…. if you don’t recognize it, then maybe more of your internet searches should be on not so famous quotes instead of instant fixes for your health, it’s way more fun and keeps you focused on yourself and your health (especially the mental and emotional) rather than something that may not be for you!

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